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About Us

Econo Car Rentals Ltd. History

Has been in business since 1984, making us one of the most experienced and longest operating car rental companies in Trindad and Tobago.

With four offices located near the country’s busiest areas, Econo Car Rentals Ltd. is focused on providing both foreigners and locals alike with the highest standard of car hire service. Our fleet consists of new fully accessorized, automatic cars. All our vehicles are kept in immaculate condition and are maintained by an efficient and courteous staff.  

All our cars are put through a thorough inspection prior to being rented out. Econo Car Rentals Ltd. also provides 24hr mechanical service and will offer replacement cars should it be warranted. We have the only Service Garage located at the Piarco International Airport. This outfitted station is a fact that attests to our seniority and establishment in the industry.

Our tiered pricing strategy enables us to meet the needs of every customer, from families on vacation to business executives and we also offer discounted rates for long term rentals. Whatever the occasion we can provide you with a vehicle to meet your specific needs. We have enjoyed serving you over the years, and look forward to meeting your needs in the future.

Always Economise @ Econo Car Rentals Ltd.
Your #1 Choice in the economy car rentals market in Trinidad & Tobago.
Port of Spain • Piarco Int’l Airport • San Fernando • A.N.R. Int’l Airport.
For work or pleasure, we have every type of vehicle to suit your budget!

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